By 2050, the world's population is expected to reach some 9 billion people. To feed this huge amount of hungry mouths will not be an easy task and, therefore, the concerns about the food production and distribution have been in the center of the world's leaders discussions for a long time now.

Different approaches and solutions to the same question - will there be enough food for all in 2050? - arise, from time to time, in different parts of the world aiming at find an unquestionable answer to the problem. What sounds to be the most innovative one is reported, this Saturday, by the prestigious German newspaper Der Spiegel in an article titled "Can Urban Agriculture Feed a Hungry World?". It is interesting and intriguing, despite the fact the results that arise from the practice has a lot more to do with an agricultural experiment than to a massive agricultural production exploitation.


Read the full article in English and make your own conclusions! Good reading!