The USDA has just rolled out its GAIN report on EU-27 Poultry and Products. The report signalizes that the EU-27 broiler meat production is foreseen to increase again in 2011 and 2012 driven by booming export and increasing domestic consumption. 

The hike in global grain prices directly impacted broiler production costs, but EU-27 producers were able to pass most of the increase to their domestic customers. The EU-27 broiler trade surplus is expected to increase in 2011 in light of stable imports from Brazil and Thailand and surging exports, especially to the Middle East, South Africa, Hong Kong and China, but lower shipments to Russia due to a lower broiler import TRQ. 


While all sources show that total meat consumption in the EU-27 has been negatively impacted by the economic recession, poultry meat, which is the cheapest source of animal protein, was less affected. EU-27 turkey production is expected to decrease in 2011 and 2012 due to decreasing exports and consumption. Read or download full report online.