In the period 2007-2010 the Brazilian chicken meat exports grew 16.21% by volume, jumping from 3.287 million metric tons to 3.820 million metric tons. However, percentage wise, the exports have been shrinking in respect to the country’s global chicken meat production.

In 2011, the volume exported from January through August, 2.593 million metric tons, represented 30.167% of the global chicken meat production in the period, one of the lowest in the last few years - 31.89% in 2007, 33.04% in 2008, 32.98% in 2009 and 31.02% in 2010.


This slight decrease in the exports percentage representativeness over time may be the repercussion of the domestic consumption, which grew to about 47.3 kg per capita in 2011, in the stream of the improvement in the Brazilian economy and the consequent rise in the average population’s income.