The Brazilian Ministry of Industry and Commerce informed that between January and September 2011 the Brazilian poultry industry exported 2.898 billion tons of meat, 46,700 tons, or mere 1.64% than the same period of last year.


The top 5 destinations (S. Arabia, Japan, HK, Holland and UAE) responded for 47.9% of the exports, or 1.389 billion tons; the top 10 (with the addition of South Africa, China, Kwait, Venezuela and Iraq) accounted for 69.3% of the exports, or 2.013 billion tons and the top 15 (with the addition of Germany, Angola Russia, UK and Singapore) for 79.2%, or 2.299 billion tons. Last, but not least, the top-20 importers (plus Egypt, Iran, Oman, Catar and Yemen) responded for 86%, 2.492 billion tons. The remaining 4.4%, or 405.9 million tons, have been pulverized among 124 countries.