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on January 1, 2014

Brazil among top 20 chicken meat importers in 2011

The Brazilian Ministry of Industry and Commerce informed that between January and September 2011 the Brazilian poultry industry exported 2.898 billion tons of meat, 46,700 tons, or mere 1.64% than the same period of last year.

The top 5 destinations (S. Arabia, Japan, HK, Holland and UAE) responded for 47.9% of the exports, or 1.389 billion tons; the top 10 (with the addition of South Africa, China, Kwait, Venezuela and Iraq) accounted for 69.3% of the exports, or 2.013 billion tons and the top 15 (with the addition of Germany, Angola Russia, UK and Singapore) for 79.2%, or 2.299 billion tons. Last, but not least, the top-20 importers (plus Egypt, Iran, Oman, Catar and Yemen) responded for 86%, 2.492 billion tons. The remaining 4.4%, or 405.9 million tons, have been pulverized among 124 countries.

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