In 2001, Brazil produced 6.567 million tons of chicken meat, which corresponded to 12.7% of the world’s production, ranking Brazil fourth among the leading broiler producers, behind USA, 27.1%, China, 17.9% and EU, 13.2%. For 2011, the USDA forecast that Brazil must produce 16% of world’s total chicken meat production, what represents, if confirmed, a 25.8% rise compared to 2001, while the USA production must shrink 23.8%, China’s, 9.2% and EU’s, 11.2%, in the same period.


In the stream of this growth, Brazil gets closer to China in production volume. In 2010 Brazilian chicken meat production, 12.312 million tons, corresponded to 98.10% of China’s. In 2011, Brazil’s forecast production, 12.954 million tons, must represent 98.14% of the forecast production for China. In 2012, Brazil’s estimated 13.602 million tons of meat may bring the representativeness to 98.57% of China’s estimated production. In spite of the economic crisis of 2008, the broiler production in Brazil and China must grow between 2010-12, while for the U.S. it must be flat. Between 2001 and take into consideration the USDA forecast for 2012, the U.S. production must grow an average of 1.54%/year, China 3.70% while Brazil, 6.85%.