Brazilian agribusiness exports revenue set a new record with US$87.57 billion from January through November 2011, 24.4% higher than the same period last year and US$2.57 billion above the goal set for the whole year.

The growth can be mostly credited to the increase in the average price of the merchandises, which benefited all the agribusiness segments. The growth in volume only benefited the soybean complex (+8.0%) and coffee (+1.4%) exports, what places the soybean complex (grain, meal and oil) as the leading agribusiness exporting segment, with US$22.95 billion revenue, a 38.9% rise compared to the previous year. Ranked second, the sugar-ethanol exports, US$14.99 billion (18.9%) and stable in third, the meat sector, US$14.35 billion (14.8%). In fourth comes the forestry products exports, US$8.82 billion, a 5% rise compared to the year before. Last but not least, coffee exports were at US$7.89 billion (55.7%).


In the period, Africa increased its imports by 42.1%; Oceania, 49.6%; Eastern Europe, 33.2%; Asia, 31.1%; Nafta, 22.5%; Mercosul, 19.9%; and EU, 18.1%, while among the top-20 importing countries imports from Argel grew 74.6%; Japan, 49.6%; China, 45.6%; and Spain, 40.6%.