In January 2011, upon closing the data from the exports of the year before, the Brazilian broiler industry expected to repeat the same 5% growth over the previous year’s exports, thus setting a new export record of 4 million metric tons of chicken meat.

At that time, it was not envisioned by the local industry that the world financial crisis would shake the five continents. By spreading the consequent, deep uncertainties about the short-term future, it forced the postponement of the new record-setting. As the financial shake-up footprint and doubts are still strongly present everywhere, there is no remedy other than work hard and wait a little longer.


From November 2010 through November 2011, the Brazilian chicken meat exports totaled 3.907 million metric tons, a 2.32% rise over the 3.819 million metric tons exported between November 2009 and November 2010. Upon maintaining the same growth rate in December 2011 and over the next 12 months of the coming year, the total chicken meat exports in 2012 will reach slightly more than 4 million metric tons, what translates in average monthly shipments slightly above 333,000 metric tons. It is worth mentioning that this monthly mark has been achieved only five times over the last 12 months.