Preliminary data from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations - still pending the closure of numbers for United States’ fourth quarter and Brazil’s last bimester - suggest that the average chicken meat price per ton in the international market set a new record in 2011. The analysis, which considers Brazil and the U.S., the two leading exporters, shows Brazil led, overcoming the US$2,000/MT threshold and thus setting a new record.

The Brazilian leadership derives from the marked differences in the exports portfolio of the two countries - while U.S. exports, almost exclusively, leg-quarts, Brazil offers a much broader portfolio of products, covering from whole carcasses and fancy deboned cuts thru processed meat, more recently.


In 2003, the Brazilian average price per ton was 46 percent higher than the U.S. and the preliminary data suggest this difference grew up to 84 percent, in 2011. Furthermore, in the same period the U.S. average price per ton grew up 95 percent while Brazil’s grew up 145 percent.