On February 10, the South African International Trade Administration Commission announced an extra levy of 62.92 percent on the whole broilers imports and of 46.59 percent on the boneless cuts imports. The extra levy come in addition to the regular tariffs of 5 percent on whole broilers and 27 percent on boneless cuts. The sanction is effective as of February 12 and valid through August 10, but can be extended for three months more. The alleged reasons behind the extra levy applied by South Africa to the Brazilian chicken meat imports were seen as “inconsistent” and “technically poor” by the Brazilian government.


According to the Brazilian Association of Poultry Meat Producers and Exporters, UBABEF, estimates the tariffs can generate a US$70 million loss to the industry. South Africa is the seventh largest market by volume to the Brazilian chicken meat, having imported 195,000 tons, or 4.9 percent of the total Brazilian exports, in 2011.