EconomasE, Alltech’s first breakthrough in nutrigenomics, claims to reduce the level of expensive ingredients, such as antioxidant vitamins, added to animal diets without compromising performance, a company report says.

EconomasE has been created by Dr. Ronan Power, the architect of Alltech’s nutrigenomic research program, after identifying beneficial gene expression events in pathways related to oxidative damage, metabolic stress and macromolecular repair mechanisms.


The recent 25th Alltech International Animal Health and Nutrition Symposium provided an opportunity to demonstrate the value of nutrigenomics in the development of feeding strategies to enhance the performance of poultry flocks. 

Nutrigenomics is the branch of molecular biology which evaluates the effects of nutrients on expression of genes. Basically, scientist can compare alternative dietary formulations and investigate their effect on upregulating or suppressing genetic expression to achieve a beneficial metabolic outcome.