Shanghai-based China-Biotics Inc. has begun to sell probiotics to the poultry feed industry. Nasdaq-listed China-Biotics, a leading Chinese probiotics firm, signed a deal with Beijing-based Dabeinong Group on April 22, and has already shipped the first order, the company announced.

Under the deal, China-Biotics will provide probiotics as bulk additives to several of Dabeinong’s poultry feed products.

China-Biotics announced that its probiotics – which include Lactobacillus acidophilus and Streptococcus faecalis – help enhance avian immune systems and increase poultry survival and egg production rates in commercially-raised poultry.


Supplying probiotics for the poultry feed industry will drive the company’s future growth, Song Jinan, China-Biotics chairman, said.

The demand for probiotics from the poultry feed market in China will increase to up to 2,500 metric tons by 2010, said China-Biotics.