The European Union has denied claims by Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) that it may repeal quality legislation that requires eggs to be labeled with method of production, as reported by FarmingUK Newsdesk.

The animal welfare pressure group issued a statement saying it is "dismayed" that DG Agriculture (the agricultural department of the European Commission) may "shortly recommend" repeal of the legislation. CIWF statement said that repealing the legislation would be a devastating "backward step for both animal welfare and consumer freedom – making it more difficult for us all to make informed choices about our food."


DG Agriculture, however, denied that it has any such plans. Michael Mann, spokesman for DG Agriculture said in an interview with the Ranger, "There is not a grain of truth in this. Why should we do anything with egg marketing labeling rules when they work so well." He added that he could not understand why CIWF had reached that conclusion.