Members of the Hungarian chicken meat industry came together for a two-day seminar in Hungary during Cobb’s first seminar in the country.


James Truscott, director of Cobb Germany, opened the seminar, emphasizing the importance of achieving the lowest costs rather than always targeting the highest performance index.

Truscott spoke about customer's needs, market developments, and the impact of avian influenza and financial crisis on the way Cobb managed its businesses — with progress towards compartmentalization needed to safeguard global trade during periods of disease outbreaks.

Speakers covered history, diet, technology 


Dr. Lásló Kőrösi, market manager of Hungary, spoke about the history of Cobb in Hungary from the first tests with Cobb color sexable broilers in 1975 to the current commercial performance.

Matthew Wilson, broiler specialist in the Cobb World Technical Support Team, explained the importance of good house preparation, the correct start temperature, ventilation and the special feed regime using a cheaper low-density diet. 

Others speakers were Patrick van Trijp, regional technical manager of Cobb Europe, and Dr. Ermin Grbic from Bosnia, whose focus included the importance of farm-specific technology.