The St. Pauls, North Carolina, city commission is expected to approve an incentives package for Sanderson Farms, which plans to build a big bird deboning complex in the city. The vote is slated for the commission’s April 9 meeting.

The St. Pauls incentive package includes providing a tax grant for 10 years equivalent to 50 percent, or about $300,000 a year, of what the company will owe in property taxes, according to The Robesonian. The incentives package was tentatively approved by the commission on March 30.


Sanderson Farms, after communicating with several counties in the region, announced on March 12 that it had decided to locate its new poultry processing plant and wastewater treatment facility in St. Pauls. The plant is expected to have the capacity to to process 1.25 million birds per week for the big bird deboning market. When fully operational, the complex will employ approximately 1,100 people, will require 100 contract growers, and will be equipped to process and sell approximately 500 million pounds of dressed poultry meat annually at full production, the company announced.

Robeson County, where St. Pauls is located, has already approved an incentives package for Sanderson Farms, based on the company’s projections for capital investment and job creation.