The Missouri Department of Agriculture (MDA) has lifted the quarantine zones affecting the movement of poultry and poultry products within 6.2 miles (10 kilometers) of the turkey operations Moniteau and Jasper counties that had been infected with H5N2 avian influenza.

MDA in early March reported that a commercial flock of 21,000 turkeys located near Fortuna, in Moniteau County, was infected with avian influenza. A few days prior to that outbreak, MDA confirmed that turkeys at a grower facility in Jasper County, with a commercial turkey flock of 30,100 had been infected with H5N2 avian influenza.

Since then, MDA successfully implemented a coordinated response with the USDA, state health officials and industry partners to contain and eliminate the disease, the agency stated in a press release. The remaining turkeys in the involved flocks have been depopulated.


While the quarantine zones have been lifted, the agency is still stressing that all bird owners, whether commercial producers or backyard growers, need to continue practicing good biosecurity, preventing contact between their birds and wild birds.

Other states impacted by avian influenza in 2015 include Minnesota, South Dakota, Kansas, Arkansas, California, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Idaho, Utah, Nevada and Wyoming.

To help poultry growers and producers monitor outbreaks of avian influenza, WATTAgNet has created an interactive map tracking confirmed 2015 avian influenza outbreaks in North America. The map allows users to filter by region. Users can also filter by bird species, type of operation affected and date confirmed.