Classical swine fever has been confirmed in a pig farm near Khan Uul, Mongolia.

According to a report from the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE), there were 691 susceptible pigs at the farm, with a total of 53 mortalities. The remaining 638 pigs in the herd were destroyed.

Once the outbreak was detected, animal health officials established a quarantine zone and disinfected the affected property, according to the OIE.


The outbreak was initially reported on March 31, before being a confirmed classical swine fever case on April 10. Tests were conducted at the State Central Veterinary Laboratory, with the results coming back positive for the disease.

According to the OIE report, the cause or origin of the outbreak has not yet been determined. Weekly updates on the Mongolian classical swine fever case will be provided by OIE until it is resolved.

This is the first new case of classical swine fever in Mongolia since October 2014, according to OIE.