FEFANA is proud to enlarge its series of booklets with the launch of two more publications concerning categories of products that are essential for animal nutrition and ultimately for animal health: “Amino Acids in Animal Nutrition” and “Vitamins in Animal Nutrition”.

Amino acids and vitamins are important substances not only for human health but also in animal nutrition. Amino acids, as proteins’ building blocks, play an essential role not only in the total nutrient supply of livestock, but also in terms of sustainability. Vitamins, although required in very small quantities, are essential for animal metabolism and the maintenance of health and performance.

Once again FEFANA members have shared their knowledge on these two important categories of  ingredients that play a core role in the industry of Specialty Feed Ingredients (SFIs) and their Mixtures.

In the words of FEFANA President, Marco Bruni: “FEFANA has always been committed to the promotion of the benefits and safety of its industry’s products, but has certainly gone a step further with the publication of the booklets’ series that are now shared within the supply chain, the EU and Member Stated authorities and also with the general public. I would like to take this opportunity to officially thank our members for their efforts in putting together these remarkable publications.”


An Buyens and Vincent Hess, the Chairpersons respectively of the Working Group Vitamins and Working Group Amino Acids, hope that these booklets will help our industries’ stakeholders to have a better understanding of the role of these products in the feed & food chain and beyond.

The booklets are available in paper format and electronically on the FEFANA Virtual Library at http://www.platform-fefana.org/Website/Booklets.