Frisia Food has a tradition dating back more than 60 years in the poultry industry. The original company (J. de Vries & Zn BV) started out as a traditional chicken processing plant and developed into one of the larger processing plants of The Netherlands. In 2010, the slaughtering activities of J. de Vries & Zn BV were acquired and continued under the name Frisia Food b.v. The company is situated in Haulerwijk, in the Northern part of The Netherlands.

Over the years, the plant has been extensively refurbished. In 2011, the complete slaughtering department was replaced with new equipment, such as Quest stunner, electrical stimulation, footpad inspection system and jet stream scalder. Also incorporated in this department is a complete feet processing line as the company exports their feet products to Asia. One year later, in 2012, the refurbishment of the evisceration department took place and a new 12,000 bph Maestro evisceration line was installed.


This year, Frisia decided to incorporate several newly developed Meyn machines into their existing process. In the slaughtering department, the new tail feather puller was added, making the plucking process more efficient. For the automatic rehanging from the slaughtering line to evisceration line, the newly developed Syncom rehanger was installed. In the evisceration department, the new fat retention machine and cropping machine result in a reduced wear and tear.

Frisia is also the first company to be operating the new Meyn Mags automatic giblet harvesting solution. Anton Storteboom, CEO of Frisia Foods: We are very content with the results of the Mags. The liver quality is very high and the reliable and constant performance and optimum end product presentation is exactly what we need in this highly delicate part of the process.”