Shanxi Daxiang Farming Group, the largest broiler chicken company in the Chinese province of Shanxi, will soon be entering the pork industry. The company announced on April 20 that within five years it will be raising as many as 3 million pigs in the Shanxi province.

Shanxi Daxiang Farming Group is estimating that the new pork business unit will allow the company to earn CNY5 billion (US$820 million) by 2020. The new pork venture is expected to involve working closely with about 10,000 family farms.


Shanxi Daxiang Farming Group, according to a report provided by Smart Agriculture Analytics, is the Shanxi province's largest livestock company with its main areas of business in broiler chicken and feed production. In 2012 the company raised and slaughtered over 100 million broilers and sold more than 700,000 tons of chicken meat for CNY6.98 billion (US$1.14 billion).