Diversified Imports recently promoted Al Fisk to Vice President of Special Products, a specially created position designed to assess and select new products to add to the company’s offering. Fisk, who has been with Diversified Imports for 36 years, previously served as the company’s Operations Manager and is highly qualified to identify new products that can bring significant value to poultry producers.

“As part of Diversified Imports’ expansion, I was chosen by our President, Meir Toshav, to learn the technical components and benefits of new products to ensure our customers have access to the best option available,” said Fisk.
The first product Fisk has assessed and is set to bring to the U.S., Canada and Mexico is the Nest-O-matic slatless nest system from Keshet. “The Nest-O-matic design creates a better environment for egg laying with improved air flow and removable floor mats for easy cleaning,” said Fisk.


Fisk continued, “The main difference is that there are no slats, which are a lot of work and lead to cracked eggs. Eliminating the slats minimizes labor and makes cleanup a lot easier. Plus, litter quality and overall bird welfare improves.”
While testing in the U.S. is set to begin this spring, Fisk commented that “Israeli installations have cited improved ventilation for drier litter and cleaner eggs, fewer broken eggs and 1-3% fewer floor eggs, and better conditions that increase egg hatchability and promote chick health.”