DuPont Nutrition & Health has signed an agreement with Eurofins Microbiology Laboratories, Inc. to provide analytical testing services as part of the DuPont Detect + Protect full service offering to the food industry. Eurofins and DuPont also will collaborate on customized solutions for food companies and processors seeking food protection services.

The agreement leverages Eurofins’ leading capabilities in microbiological testing with DuPont’s in-depth understanding of food microbial ecology, based on decades of scientific expertise in microbiology, diagnostic technologies and industry-leading protective ingredients, including the DuPont™ BAX® System and the portfolio of Care4U™ protective ingredients. The new program is available today only in North America.

“DuPont has brought together a leading team of senior scientists and food microbiologists to develop customized food protection solutions for our customers,” said Nathalie Brosse, Detect + Protect business development and marketing leader, DuPont Nutrition & Health. “Our new relationship with Eurofins will allow us to bring our customers state-of-the-art laboratory capabilities to ensure high quality, convenient end-to-end service and program scalability.”

“We are excited to work closely in this partnership with DuPont on the Detect + Protect program,” said Marc Scantlin, President of Eurofins Microbiology, Inc. “Eurofins continually strives to deliver solutions to our clients that can help improve the safety and quality of their products. The DuPont Detect + Protect program is truly an innovative solution in the continuous challenge food manufacturers’ face in improving shelf life of their valuable products.”


The Detect + Protect Solutions program is an integrated food protection service targeting food manufacturers. The goal is to help companies handle complex microbial challenges in their production facilities and with their products using all the full toolkit of knowledge from DuPont food science and application teams. The comprehensive food protection program also can help manufacturers reduce spoilage and food waste, while keeping their products fresher longer and protecting the reputation of their brands. And, by optimizing production processes, companies may be able to decrease rework and reduce waste.  For more information on Detect + Protect, visit

Eurofins Scientific is the world leader in food and pharmaceutical products testing. It also is number one in the world in the field of environmental laboratory services and one of the global market leaders in agroscience, genomics, discovery pharmacology and central laboratory services.

With 17,000 staff in more than 200 laboratories across 36 countries, Eurofins offers a portfolio of over 130,000 reliable analytical methods for evaluating the safety, identity, composition, authenticity, origin and purity of biological substances and products.