Synergy Technologies, Inc., the Shreveport, LA based food processing bacterial intervention firm, announced that they have been granted U.S. Patent 9,005,669 entitled “Synergy of Strong Acids and Peroxy Compounds” on April 14, 2015. The patent, which discloses a method for improving microbial decontamination in meat, poultry, fish, fruit and vegetable processing utilizes one or more acids to reduce the pH of peroxy compounds.
The unique system which the firm has subsequently commercialized as the “Stacked” approach, involves the sequential addition of GRAS food grade acids and peroxyacetic acid into an aqueous stream to provide a point-of-use solution with a pH lower than that of the peroxy compound alone. While peroxy chemistries such as peroxyacetic acid (PAA) have been effectively utilized in food processing facilities as processing aids for some time, Synergy’s new method acidifies PAA, pushing the pH of the use solution even lower. This novel approach has proven to be a very effective antimicrobial method for the processing of poultry, meat, fish and vegetables.


According to Carleton Parker, Vice President of Synergy’s Poultry Business Unit, “This patented technology provides us with the ability to apply lower use concentrations of peroxyacetic acid and yet capture the desired efficacy that our customers are seeking. The Stacked approach offers several benefits to our customer base not previously obtainable using a stand-alone peroxy chemistry. We can apply the acidified peroxy solution via a mist, spray, dip, deluge, in a flume or by electrostatic spraying providing further on-site customization and tailoring the system to meet customer’s requirements.