J&D Manufacturing recently announced it has received Accredited Laboratory status from the Air Movement and Control Association (AMCA) International for their new state-of-the-art Air Test Chamber. Terry Lyons, VP of Sales, Marketing and Engineering emphasized the significance of this accomplishment, “These days, a fan isn’t just a fan. It is part of an integrated system; a system designed to meet certain performance requirements. J&D provides fully integrated systems due to our ability to design, test and manufacture fans that perform as designed and advertised.”

“We are extremely proud of our AMCA Accreditation. J&D Manufacturing has invested a lot into makinthe Air Test Chamber, the only testing facility with AMCA accreditation in the United States, with the main focus being the agriculture market. This allows us to continue to better serve our customers and build the best product line in the market,” said J&D President, Tracy Trippler. AMCA is an international not for profit association of the world’s manufacturers of fans and related components with the mission to advance the health, growth and integrity of the air movement and control industry. J&D Manufacturing’s Air Test Chamber will allow for efficient development and testing of prototypes, and ensure their performance ratings are reliable and accurate.


“J&D has improved its ventilation program every year and now we have the instrument to take it to a whole new level.  J&D’s investment will allow us to design fans and ventilation systems that will ensure confidence in the performance in your operation. Our goal has always been to be the leader in agriculture ventilation and now we have another tool to strengthen our commitment.” said Don Redetzke, J&D Manufacturing’s CEO.