Al-Watania has become the first company to receive the new performance awards given by Cobb Europe for the Middle East. The company gained nine awards for Cobb500 performance — including broiler yield, best cumulative hatching eggs and exemplary leadership in managing/maintaining the performance of the poultry integration.

The presentations were made to heads of department at Al-Watania Poultry during a prestigious ceremony at the Al Majlis Hall in Saudi Arabia, which also celebrated the long-standing relationship between the two companies. This was followed by a tour of the Sheikh Sulaiman Al Rajhi Museum, with a highlight being the showcase of the company’s milestones dating back to 1977.

Mohamad Kallas, Cobb regional technical manager, stated: “Al-Watania has been a reliable partner of Cobb in the region, and indeed across the Arab world, for many years. The high level of managers and expertise in all departments, particularly in production, along with our Cobb technical support, has helped achieve these excellent results. The awards are thoroughly deserved and were well received by the Al-Watania management.”


Dr. Mohammed Sulaiman Al-Rajhi, chief executive of Al-Watania Poultry, stressed the importance of trust particularly with their large expansion plans. He stated: "We are trying to fulfil the food requirements of our country and achieve the goals that the Saudi government has set with regard to food security and price stability in the domestic market.

“Gaining these first Cobb awards in the Middle East is a very important moment in the history of our company and in our emphasis on quality. We have reached to the highest level of the quality in chicken production with excellence in all levels, as shown by the international recognition of Al-Watania as one of the leading global companies in the sector."