A one-day road show designed to help Wadi parent stock farmers improve the technical and production performance of the Ross 308 flocks in their care was well attended with over 45 people from the surrounding area.  

Mansoura is located in the Nile Delta region about 120 km northeast of Cairo and was selected by Wadi Poultry Grandparents, the local Ross distributor as a suitable site in one of the famous poultry regions and focal areas of Egypt for a road show. The seminar successfully laid the foundation for full cooperation and collaboration with Wadi Group and Ross through transfer of knowledge and management practices to local customer technical and production teams and farmers.

Wadi Poultry Grandparents has invested in customer support and has built an experienced technical service team, which includes Dr. Alaa Mustafa, Eng. Osama Ibrahim and Dr. Mahmoud. 


“We would like to continue this mission in the future to convey the most recent technologies of this industry to customers in Egypt,” added Dr. Alaa Mustafa, Sales and Technical Manager for Wadi Poultry Grandparents.

International and local speakers were well qualified to speak directly to the assembled farmers and assist them in getting the production improvements being presented and discussed. The main subjects of the seminar were focused on management of broiler breeder, nutrition, bio-security and breeder health update.