Bartter Enterprises, Australia’s second largest poultry producer, has broadened its Steggles brand with the addition of beef and pork products.

The company has launched four new Bites offerings in chicken, beef and pork, reports Food Week magazine. The new products include Beef Lasagna Bites, Italian Meatballs, Napolitana Chicken Bites and BBQ Pork Bites.

Andrew Logan, head of marketing for the company’s Steggles Foods, told Food Week that the success of the pork and beef product extensions was “testament to the strength of the Steggles brand across the country.”


In a report,Steggles said it considers the expansion of the range to be a “key step in broadening the business” and comes after a bid for the company by Baiada (the third largest producer of chicken products in Australia) failed to get ACCC clearance last month.