More than 150 Aviagen customers and suppliers came together in Slovakia and the Czech Republic last week for two separate seminars held by Aviagen to offer practical management advice on how to maximize the performance of their Ross products.

Highlights of the event included a presentation from the Aviagen nutrition team on the importance of the correct nutrient levels, raw materials and physical feed quality. Delegates were then invited to take part in a practical feed sieving workshop, which demonstrated the variability of physical feed quality and its importance in product performance.

The seminars also looked at wider issues within the industry, including the upcoming European Broiler Directive, and offered practical advice and support for farmers who may be concerned about this legislation and how it will affect their business.


Albert Androvic, the technical service manager of Mach Drubez, commented: "Thanks to Aviagen, I was able to meet almost all of the important Slovak Broiler Growers in one place. By involving our customers in practical demonstrations, they realized how important physical feed quality is for the successful growth of broilers. The economical results based on the trials made by Aviagen showed us, that even with high raw material costs, Ross broilers can produce profit for the farmer."