Dixie Egg Company has laid the foundation of the latest state-of-the-art hen house, HD5. This 235,000-bird enrichable cage system will hold the newest caged equipment made in Italy by Faaco, the world’s largest producer of modern poultry equipment.

HD5 has been designed specifically for egg production with the highest standards of health and hygiene and can be adapted to keep Dixie Egg’s hens comfortable in any type of weather conditions. The advanced houses mean better control of production and quality of eggs, allowing food safety to remain their top priority.


Once HD5 is complete, the eggs will travel into a state-of-the-art Moba Omnia 530PX processing machine. This powerful workhorse, made in Holland, washes, cleans, dries and grades 200,000 eggs an hour. The Moba Omnia will be equipped with egg packing and palletizing robotics. Its advanced grading algorithms will improve grading efficiency and guarantee exact traceability. In addition, the position and characteristics of each individual egg is known throughout the process. Dixie Egg is counting on the Moba to help maintain the highest efficiency, hygiene and food safety.