Rembrandt Foods is temporarily laying off 231 employees at its facility in Buena Vista County, Iowa, as a result of the impact avian influenza is having on its egg production.

The company confirmed that layer flocks at facilities in Renville, Minnesota, and Rembrandt, Iowa, have tested positive for avian influenza, which has brought on the need to stamp out about 7.5 million chickens, according to a report from Dickinson County News. The depopulation of those farms is having a major impact on the company, which according to the WATT Global Media Top Companies Database, has a total number of 14.5 million birds.

“Rembrandt has every expectation that it will restart this operation, but is unable to predict the exact date on which this will occur,” the company stated. “As a result of this situation, layoffs will occur as production decreases and ultimately stops for a period of time.”


Rembrandt is the third largest egg producer in the United States, and is one of the largest egg products and egg ingredient suppliers in the world.  

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