The International Egg Commission (IEC) is launching its Avian Influenza Action Plan - a series of initiatives related to combating the disease and to provide immediate support to the egg industry. The plan will coordinate actions internationally, with the long-term aim of ridding the sector of the disease.

Firstly, it is creating an Avian Influenza Task Force to hold a face-to-face to face meeting with the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) to push for practical action on promoting compartmentalization. IEC chairman Cesar de Anda and IEC director general Julian Madeley will meet an OIE delegation next week to discuss egg industry issues surrounding the current avian influenza outbreak in North America, and to push for coordinated action.

De Anda and Madeley will also attend the International Conference on Avian Influenza and Poultry Trade to be held in Baltimore, Maryland, in June.


The IEC wants to become a central communications hub on avian influenza and be the link between the global egg industry and the OIE, communicating information and best practices to its members and the wider egg industry.

It is calling for “world class individuals” with technical or specialist skills related to avian influenza, both from inside IEC membership and from the broader egg industry, to join its task force. The group will be charged with coming up with practical ways of helping the industry move beyond the threat of avian influenza, and coordinating action across the egg industry globally.