Thai agribusiness company CP Group will build a vertically integrated poultry production operation under an agreement it signed with local and provincial officials on May 19 in China’s Hebei province.

Planned investments in the project include hatchery development, feed production, commercial-scale broiler operations, as well as slaughter and processing facilities, according to a report provided by Smart Agriculture Analytics

CP Group is a member of the global Fortune 500 and among the first international companies to invest in China. The company has a history in Hebei province and already operates a number of feed and livestock production facilities in the region.


The latest project will be located in Hengshui city's Gucheng county, and is poised to take advantage of high consumer demand from Beijing and Tianjin. The signing ceremony was attended by Hebei province vice-governor Shen Xiaoping and CP Group China vice-director Xing Jixian.

The recent project announcement follows another expansion project announcement made by the company in March, which involved a complex including a grass feed processing plant, an organic bio-fertilizer plant, a livestock slaughter house, a forage trading center, a livestock and poultry trading center, an insulation materials factory, a storage and logistics center, and a modern agri-tourism center. That diversified livestock and poultry project is expected to house 500,000 pigs, 300,000 laying hens, 5 million broiler chickens, 300,000 sheep, and 30,000 cattle.