Golden Rod Poultry at Cullman, AL, has won the regional performance award for Cobb500 broiler breeders with results described as one of the most improved in the U.S. industry.

The awards are based on the 2014 Cobb500 Sold Flock Breeder Survey, which showed Golden Rod Poultry as the top performing company in the South Region.

The company’s results are based on 451,630 Cobb500 pullets producing an average of 167.12 hatching eggs/hen housed, 83.67% hatchability and 139.83 chicks/hen housed (adjusted to 65 weeks of age).


“This is one of the most improved complexes in the industry,” stated Rory DeWeese, South Region technical services of Cobb-Vantress. “Since 2007 production of hatching eggs / breeder has increased by 18.8 percent, total eggs by 20.8 percent, hatchability by 10.6 percent and chick numbers by no less than 31.4 percent from 108 to 139.

“The Golden Rod team led by Lance Weaver and his team have achieved excellent performance through a combination of hard work and attention to all the details that contribute to a good breeder program. It takes a total team effort to accomplish this outstanding performance — and it begins with your great leadership and a desire to be the best each and every day.”

Lance Weaver, breeder/hatchery manager of Golden Rod, commented: “I would like to thank my team for their hard work and dedication and to all their wives for supporting their husbands in accomplishing this goal.”  Bill Ingram, the owner of Golden Rod Poultry, also thanked everyone for their hard work and achievements, and both thanked Cobb for their service and support to help them achieve these goals.