GMH do Brasil is to build a poultry processing plant in the Brazilian state of Parana with planned capacity to slaughter 400,000 birds daily.

The BRL200 million (US$63.64 million) investment will see construction of a slaughter and processing plant, a feed mill, incubators and breeding houses in the municipality of Pirai do Sul, the state government has announced.

The processing plant, due to come into operation in 2017 will have high levels of automation from slaughter through to deboning yet is still expected to result in the creation of 1,300 direct jobs and close to 5,000 indirect jobs across various support operations. As part of the integration, 300 poultry houses are to built, each with a capacity to house between 18,000 and 30,000 birds.

The new plant will primarily serve overseas markets, particularly Muslim consumers in the U.S. and European Union. Product will be marketed under the brand name Brazileh.


During its first year of operation, the plant is expected to slaughter 100,000 birds per day, rising to 200,000 in the second year and 400,000 in year three and beyond. Turnover is expected to be in the region of BRL20 million in year one, rising to BRL160 million in year three.  

The Brazilian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which has helped to support the project, notes that the development will work in harmony with the environment and that its operations will guarantee sustainability.

Parana is the largest Brazilian poultry producing and exporting state, slaughtering 5 million birds daily.