Jansen Poultry Equipment has appointed two new area managers in Asia to strengthen its presence and support services to all poultry farmers in the region. Dr. Eric Brawner and Niranchai Tripati will support the team of Jansen Asia.

Dr. Brawner will be overseeing the countries of Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan and Taiwan. Dr. Brawner is an experienced veterinarian who has extensive farm production experience, coming from one of the largest integrators in the Philippines. He also has substantial export sales background in farm equipment sales. He will add value to the Jansen Asia team with his balanced technical knowledge and business acumen.

Tripati will take charge of the South Asian region. He is a seasoned export sales and trading manager, coming from his experience in a number of top agricompanies in Thailand. His network of influence lies in the various countries of South Asia specifically India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. His entrepreneurial aggressiveness will be an advantage in Jansen Poultry Equipment's market push in this emerging region.