Leading poultry breeding company Aviagen has announced its purchase of Morris Northstar Hatchery, in Watertown, New York. The purchase of the Morris broiler hatchery makes this the seventh commercial breeding stock hatchery for Aviagen in the United States. 

The Aviagen Watertown Hatchery in upstate New York lies approximately 31 miles south of the Ontario border, making it the company’s closest hatchery that will be able to serve Canadian customers.


“As demand for Aviagen breeding stock continues to grow around the world, we are always looking for ways to efficiently and effectively meet that demand,” said Kevin McDaniel, president, Aviagen North America. “With the Aviagen Watertown Hatchery, we can better serve Canadian customers and the close proximity to JFK airport makes it a logical location for exporting to other parts of the world as well.”

Aviagen plans to renovate the Watertown hatchery and equip it with the latest Jamesway Platinum Incubation Equipment. The hatchery is scheduled to come online in the first quarter of 2016 with a capacity of up to 530,000 eggs set per week. The hatchery is anticipated to employ up to 40 people.