The former Hendrix Genetics pedigree farm in Herveld, Netherlands, now is part of Cobb’s global research program, which works with research and development in the U.S.

It was established as a facility with rearing, production and hatching on site and is testing and has installed a filtered air positive pressure system to screen out micro-organisms as a biosecurity precaution. 

“The Hybro acquisition … will considerably expand our own production base to more than 10 million parents a year and help in developing new products,” said Steve Parsons, managing director of Cobb Europe. 


The overall capacity has now more than doubled among the company and distributors, according to Cobb. Cobb Germany supplies central and eastern Europe, Cobb Spain serves the Iberian area and north Africa and Cobb Sweden serves Scandinavia.


The Herveld farm in the Netherlands now part of Cobb’s research and development program.