Poultry company Foster Farms on June 1 introduced two new antibiotic-free poultry products, and in the process, drew attention to its antibiotic stewardship policy for broiler chickens.

Foster Farms has steadily reduced antibiotic use companywide while adjusting its production and capital investment strategy to increase the number of ranches producing chicken raised without antibiotics, the company stated in a press release.


The five central points of the Foster Farms antibiotic stewardship policy are:

  1. Foster Farms has eliminated of the use of antibiotics critical to human medicine company-wide and is working toward a goal of eliminating the use of all antibiotics that are used in human medicine, except in those instances where the clinical health of a flock is at risk.
  2. Foster Farms does not use antibiotics at any of its hatcheries.
  3. Antibiotics are not used for growth promotion or improved feed efficiency.
  4. When disease treatment is necessary, medical care will be overseen by a licensed veterinarian.
  5. Foster Farms’ antibiotic practices will be independently audited to ensure compliance with the stated objectives of the antibiotic stewardship policy.

According to the company, Foster Farms shares a common goal with medical, government and industry leaders in working to curb antibiotic-resistance in humans that may be linked to livestock production.