While the avian influenza outbreak is pushing up the prices of eggs, it is adding financial pressure to restaurants that specialize in serving egg dishes. However a managing partner for Jimmy’s Egg, an Oklahoma City-based chain, said he believes the price hike will be temporary so the chain will absorb the costs.

Morrie Sheets, a managing partner of five Jimmy’s Egg restaurants in Wichita, Kansas, told KAKE he has observed prices for a case of of 30 dozen eggs has gone up each of the past two months, and he predicts that price will go up again for another month.

And while that will be a burden for the restaurant, Sheets does not want to burden Jimmy's Egg customers, who would have to pay an extra 30 to 40 cents per plate to offset the increased cost of eggs. Sheets said he sees high egg prices as only a temporary problem as U.S. layer flocks affected by avian influenza will be repopulated.


“We think it’s going to be done in the next 30 to 60 days. We’ll see the cycle run through,” he said.

Jimmy’s Egg has locations in Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, Nebraska and Missouri, according to the company website.

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