The 52nd annual Aviagen Production Management School recently began in Huntsville, AL. This year Aviagen is hosting 30 diverse production management professionals from global poultry companies, with 24 countries represented. Classes commenced at the Huntsville Marriott, focusing on the theme “Learning to Grow.”

This theme is accentuated in approximately 75 classroom lectures, hands-on workshops, labs and production facility visits lead by industry experts from Aviagen, academia, and other poultry industry specialists using the most advanced techniques and best practices in poultry production management. The program encompasses a broad range of topics, including poultry nutrition, veterinary science, hatchery operations, genetic selection, production and farm management best practices for managing successful breeder and broiler operations. The curriculum was designed to provide an optimal learning experience for Aviagen’s customers and their employees, who include veterinarians, live production managers, hatchery specialists and a host of other professions encompassed by the broad poultry industry.

“I’d like to welcome this year’s students to Huntsville and to the Aviagen Production Management School,” says School Director Mark Wright. “This year’s curriculum is designed to help poultry professionals ‘learn to grow’ in their careers with an in-depth, hands-on immersion in the leading-edge practices for successful poultry management. Students have the opportunity to learn from the industry’s top educators and specialists, as well as network with colleagues from around the world. Our aim is that the knowledge and insights acquired will make invaluable contributions to the future success of our customers.”


Demonstrating Aviagen’s commitment to innovative learning and sustainability, attendees are provided digital tablets pre-loaded with the vast amount of course material essential for this month-long, information-packed program. After graduation, students will be able to keep the tablets with their immense stores of knowledge.

The four-week Production Management School will culminate with a dinner on June 25, honoring the graduates and the program’s top achievers.

Since the school was founded in 1964 as the Arbor Acres Production Management School, more than 1,500 poultry professionals from 62 countries have successfully completed the program.