Kandiyohi County, Minnesota, has had its 40th detection of avian influenza, the USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) reported on June 8. With the latest Kandiyohi County avian influenza case, and one more case reported in Brown County, Minnesota has had 99 cases of avian influenza.

With 40 cases, Kandiyohi County has had more detections of avian influenza than any other county in the U.S. The latest case in the county involved a flock of 4,000 turkeys.

The Brown County avian influenza case involved a flock of 39,000 turkeys. The commercial turkey flocks at both facilities will be depopulated and the properties will be disinfected to prevent the spread of avian influenza.


To date, 21 states have had confirmed cases of avian influenza. APHIS has reported 219 avian influenza detections since December 19, 2014, affecting more than 46.8 million birds.

Other states with confirmed avian influenza cases include Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Michigan, Wyoming, Montana, Washington, Oregon, Utah, Idaho, California, Indiana, Nevada, Kentucky and New Mexico.

To track confirmed cases of the North American avian influenza outbreak, see WATTAgNet's avian influenza tracker map and bookmark the avian influenza update page for news about and analysis of avian influenza.