Koch Foods is looking to fill about 200 new jobs which are being created through the addition of a new production line at its poultry processing plant in Fairfield, Ohio.

 “As a result, this has increased our warehouse and distribution needs,” Angela Smith, a recruiter for the poultry company told the Journal-News.

The plant in Fairfield currently employs an estimated 840 people and operates in three production shifts.


Among the jobs Koch Foods seeks to fill are general laborers, production stackers, quality assurance technicians, inventory control positions and data capture palletizers.

Koch Foods, which according to the WATT Global Media Top Companies Database is the fifth largest poultry company in the United States, processes 624 million birds annually to produce 48 million pounds of ready-to-cook poultry on a weekly basis. The company, which is headquartered in Chicago, has been going through several expansion projects in recent months. In March 2015, Koch Foods announced that it would be expanding operations at its plant in Gadsden, Alabama for the production of value-added products, which was to add 70 more people to the local payroll. Several months prior to that announcement, the company added another 80 new jobs at the same poultry plant.