Perutnina Ptuj, a poultry producer in Slovenia, recently held their annual Ross broiler flock awards, according to a press release by Aviagen. The event focused on the performance of Ross stock within the Ptuj operation and was attended by company broiler farmers from across Slovenia.

The flock awards are designed to promote and recognise the results that can be achieved through the combination of good flock management and the genetic potential of the Ross bird.

This year's winners were Marjan Pucko, Janez Mahor and Martin Pevec.  


"The awards are a fantastic way to recognise the work of our farmers, and I'd like to pass my congratulations on to our three winners today, as well as congratulating all of our farmers for their continued commitment and hard work," said Milena Valant, production director for Perutnina Ptuj.

As well as the awards, a series of presentations were given on pertinent issues affecting the local industry, including recent developments in flock management both from an operational and veterinary perspective. The top of the agenda was the EU Broiler Directive, which goes into effect next summer.