During VIV Asia, Hubbard organized a successful Technical Forum for its main customers. The event attracted close to 100 people from 17 countries, who appreciated the in-depth knowledge shared by the Hubbard experts.

The Technical Forum was opened by Olivier Rochard, MD of Hubbard, who focused on the Hubbard theme “Less Feed, More Meat.” Presentations on breeder level included “Accumulated bodyweight and breeder maturity” by Dr. Eric Bonjour; “Lighting techniques to boost peak production and persistency” by Kabir Ehsanul; and "The use of scratch grain and grit to improve intestinal health” by Alastair Lewin.

Dr. Costas Constantinou addressed “respiratory challenges in broilers” and Jacky Michard shared his practical experiences of “broiler performance in Asia using different energy and amino acid levels.” Claude Toudic explained an important topic, seen more and more in the field, about “emerging meat quality defects in broilers.”


The importance of “ensuring water quality” was highlighted by Dr. Olivier Leon. Hatchery specialist Stephane Hémon went into detail on “water loss management and chick quality.” Yann Thoueille, Global Director of QA/QC, gave his view on “operational management of traceability” to the attentive audience.

The informative one-day forum ended with an update on Hubbard’s R&D by Yves Jego, R&D Director of Hubbard. Then a discussion and wrap up were conducted by Hubbard’s Business Director Asia David Fyfe. He concluded that this successful Hubbard Technical Forum definitely will see a sequel as Hubbard is fully committed to share its technical knowledge with its strongly growing customer base in the area.