A new broiler breeder award has been introduced by Cobb for the Dutch market with the initial honor going to the Aitink-Jansman family for a flock that achieved 138.2 chicks/breeder to 60 weeks of age.

They have a typical Dutch family-owned farm with four houses and a total capacity of 33,000 breeders in the Hellendoorn area of eastern Holland. The last house was built in 2010 with a 12,000 capacity. They have been using the Cobb500 for more than 10 years and produce their eggs for the ProBroed & Sloot hatchery, which is part of the German Wimex group.


“We are proud of the achievements of the Aitink-Jansman family, who are highly dedicated to their operation and to Cobb,” said Martijn Gruyters technical manager for Cobb Europe in Holland and Belgium.

“They have structured work on the farm so that it is all done by family members with no need for outside labor. All management decisions are taken in close communication with us and with the technical representative of the Agrifirm feed mill. It’s always a pleasure to work with this family.”