In the wake of the devastation caused by recent historic floods in Texas, the Capital Area Food Bank continues to organize disaster-relief efforts in Austin, TX, and has an ongoing need for donations. This effort is in keeping with the food bank's mission to create access to good, healthy food for people in every community, 

As a contribution to these enduring relief efforts, Smithfield is bringing a 25,000-pound protein donation to the Capital Area Food Bank in Austin. H-E-B, a longstanding Smithfield retailer and dedicated supporter of the food bank and its community, is partnering with Smithfield to bring this protein to the affected areas.

"Our communities are invested in an immediate and long-term recovery and rebuilding stage. These generous donations from Smithfield and H-E-B could not be more well-timed, as the Capital Area Food Bank prepares for the sustained food distribution that is needed by those afflicted by the devastation," said Hank Perret, President and CEO of the Capital Area Food Bank. "Protein product is one of the most requested and expensive food items for our clients, yet, nutritionally, it is invaluable. These contributions from Smithfield and H-E-B will help close this gap and make a lasting impact on the Capital Area Food Bank's response to this unprecedented challenge."


"Providing aid in times of disaster is the cornerstone of H-E-B's Helping Here philosophy, which promises to stand by communities during times of need," said Leslie Sweet, H-E-B's Director of Public Affairs in Central Texas. "For the past month, H-E-B has worked closely with first responders to provide disaster relief for flood victims, many of whom are our loyal customers. The recovery effort will take months, so it's important to continue to support local food banks like the Capital Area Food Bank that are helping feed families still reeling from this disaster."

"Cleaning and rebuilding communities after natural disasters takes a very long time. When we heard reports of how devastating these floods were, we immediately orchestrated this truckload of protein to support the ongoing aid efforts in the affected areas," said Dennis Pittman, Senior Director of Corporate Communications and Public Affairs for Smithfield. "We commend all of the companies who have made contributions and, especially, the first responders and individuals who have tirelessly volunteered their time and resources to lend a hand to their local communities and neighbors in need."

To learn how you can contribute to the Capital Area Food Bank, please visit