DuPont’s Animal Nutrition Division has worked with a number of leading industry experts to record a video on the topic of “Maximum Efficiency in Swine Production.” The recording was made during the Danisco Animal Nutrition seminar at the World Pork Expo and includes the following presentations:


  • “Improved liveability with xylanase inclusion”- Dr. R. Dean Boyd, Technical Director, The Hanor Company - discussed new data on how xylanase can be used not only to counter variability and improve carcass uniformity, but in a prebiotic context to support gut health.
  • “Fast and reliable prediction of corn energy value for swine diets” - Dr. Chris Iiams, Senior Research Scientist at DuPont Pioneer - explained the extra benefits NIR calibration/technology can offer to swine nutritionists already using published information on corn digestible energy (DE) from various sources or for producers using models other than DE.
  • “The influence of the intestinal microbiome in promoting efficient swine production”- Dr. Marcus E. Kehrli, Jr., Director, National Animal Disease Center, USDA Agricultural Research Service - looked at the relevance of recent research work on the gastrointestinal microbiome of several other animal species with regard to swine. He also looked at how this research might be used to address common healthy swine production challenges.

The videos can be downloaded in chapters from the Pig Progress website. The presentations given are also available for download on