The management at the Pilgrim’s east poultry plant in Mount Pleasant, Texas, decided to have the plant not operating on July 1 as the company was having needed repairs done on the roof.

Ruben Lopez, area human resources director for Pilgrim's Pride, told KLTV that initially, the east plant would simply delay its opening for a short period of time, but instead decided to not be operational for a longer span of time. Employees of the plant were advised to check with their supervisors for updates as to when the plant would be back in operation.


Pilgrim’s, the second largest broiler company in the United States, has three plants in Mount Pleasant. According to the WATT PoultryUSA Top Companies 2015 poultry plants directory, two of the plants in the community, including the one undergoing roof repairs,  are slaughter plants, while the other is a further processing plant.