The Third IMV Reproduction Seminar held in Deauville, France, recently drew over 150 professionals from both the bovine and swine artificial insemination industries for two days of technical talks and equipment demonstrations.

Participants from 33 countries enjoyed the presentations from international speakers as well as the display IMV Technologies’ latest solutions:

  • Genom’X, the unique “Zero Loss” straw filling machine
  • OptiXcell, the latest protein-free, ready-to-use bovine extender, which performs as an egg yolk medium
  • GTB1000V3, the last generation of the IMV swine semen packaging machine
  • IVOS 2 and the complete line of semen analysis solutions 

Dr. Pascale Chavatte, INRA, started the conference by discussing epigenetics and its potential impact on the pig industry. Then, Dr. Gary Althouse, University of Pennsylvania, and Marleen Broekhuijse, Topigs Norsvin, CRV, presented the benefits of the latest semen analysis technologies. Ludivine Chevrier , IMV Technologies, unveiled the diagnostic solution developed with Alice and CRV to estimate the fertility potential of bovine semen, by using CASA and flow cytometry. Dr. Jonathan Statham, RAFT Solution, presented how Raft, a network of veterinary clinics in the U.K., is proposing a semen analysis services to local farmers.


Andreas Fleisch, ETH, Zürich, presented a summary of the research done in Switzerland on bovine extender. Jane Morell , SLU, and Arantxa Echegaray, Humeco, discussed the future of antibiotics in swine extender. Bruno Nihouarn, Cobiporc,  gave a presentation about the benefit of the Collectis as a solution to reduce bacterial contamination in boar semen while Michael Kleve-Feld, PIC, presented his experience in troubleshooting bacterial contamination in boar studs.

Kristina McDonald, Select Sires, presented her experience dealing with mycoplasma.

Dr. Eric Schmitt, IMV Technologies, ended the day by revealing IMV’s practical use of smart plastics in boar and bull semen packaging.