Avian influenza’s impact is still being widely felt in the global poultry industry. Here are 5 current story lines concerning the virus that those in the poultry industry should know:


  1. No new U.S. avian influenza cases in past two weeks – The United States has now had two consecutive weeks with no new confirmed cases of avian influenza. The last time an avian influenza detection was reported by the USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) reported was June 17, when an Iowa layer flock of 1 million birds was affected.
  2. Fewer shell eggs broken in May – The 2015 avian influenza outbreak is having an impact on the egg products supply. The USDA, in its Egg Products report, noted that the amount of shell eggs broken for Egg products in May was down 15 percent when compared to May 2014, and down 9 percent when compared to April 2015.
  3. Iraq bans U.S. poultry over avian flu fears – Iraq became the latest country to place a ban on U.S. poultry because of concerns of avian influenza. According to a Bloomberg report, the ban was announced on July 1 and will last for 3 months.
  4. Pennsylvania proactive about avian influenza – Avian influenza has yet to be detected in Pennsylvania, but state officials are taking measures to be prepared in case the virus does strike.  Sen. Judy Schwank,  the Democratic chairwoman of the Senate Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee, said the state is working on an avian influenza response and recovery plan.
  5. $1.1 million in poultry funding for Iowa -- The Iowa Executive Council agreed to authorize a request from the state Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management for up to $1.1 million to cover costs associated with the response to the avian influenza outbreak that has severely harmed the state’s egg industry. To date, no state had had more birds affected by avian influenza.

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