Mexican authorities announced the authorization renewal — through March 2016 — of Brazilian poultry processing plants for exports to Mexico. The decision by the Mexican government was made without the need for any prior inspection visit to Brazil. The move is a result of the efforts the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Supply (MAPA) has been doing to maintain shipments of poultry meat to the Mexican market.

"This is an achievement by the Ministry of Agriculture. The renewal of the authorization demonstrates confidence in our health protection system and reinforces the quality of our products," said the Minister of Agriculture, Katia Abreu.

Currently, there are five Brazilian poultry plants authorized to export to Mexico. The trade potential of raw chicken meat from Brazil to Mexico is US$315.7 million, the approximate equivalent of 244,000 tons.


In 2014, Mexico imported US$852 million (706,000 tons) of raw chicken globally. Imported from Brazil alone was a total of US$36 million (13,000 tons), which corresponds to a share of 4.2 percent.

In addition to efforts for the renovation of the authorization, MAPA has asked Mexico to send a mission to Brazil in order to enable new exporting poultry processing plants. MAPA is awaiting the response of the Mexican government.